If helping ladies (whoops, sexist word alert grasshopper and dating someone. But, bugger me with a bag of granola, I later googled “sexist cereals”, and it turns out there are scores of angry posts about precisely that topic. For the sad truth is: chivalry has suffered death by a thousand (Guardian) paper cuts. You say you re over the hill, but you re a super cook. The style doesn t suit her - it has a mutton-dressed-as-lamb effect on her. over the hill If a person is over the hill, they have reached an age when they can no longer perform as well as before. If you lead a healthy life you ll live to a ripe old age. I am 100 per cent with them when they publicly shame idiots who shout threats of rape or sexually intimidate women in gangs.

Wolf whistles, the “pinkification” of children’s toys, The Sun calling high-profile women “fillies” – these seem more sad and silly to me than genuinely sexist. So, there you have it, in teaching me to be respectful towards women, my mum inadvertently made me a sexist pig. no spring chicken spring chicken means that they are quite old or well past their youth. “Breakfast cereal mascots began the heading of a StumbleUpon thread, sexist like everything else grasshopper and dating someone. (live to a) ripe old age This expression means to live until you are very old. Related Articles I argued that Banyard’s campaign for supermarkets to ban “sexist” lad’s magscontained no credible, unbiased proof they do actual harm. I just had a moan to her, downstairs, where she is folding my laundry (not because I chained her to a radiator and withheld rations, but because she actually enjoys it). Men don’t want to help women because we’re scared of appearing patronising.

The EverydaySexism Twitter account used to be my favourite guilty pleasure. I don t know but she s no spring chicken. The outcome, in extreme cases, as reported this week, is that people like Baffled, dazed, confused and becoming increasingly indignant, many men I know are just giving up..
. As the This Morning survey showed, the broader collateral damage is that men are not as nice towards women as they were. The tone of the item was “Cor blimey, 54 per cent of men (according to a This Morning survey) would drive past if they saw a woman struggling to change her tyre. ” Laughing while supressing tears, I’d never previously thought of the Honey Monster or the Scotch Porridge Oats bloke as members of the oppressive patriarchy (especially as the latter is technically wearing a skirt). I’d make her a cup of tea to thank her, but that might seem sexist, too. .


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